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After couple of days of venturing around the exhibitions and galleries in Berlin, a trip was needed to a distinguished silkscreen shop and studio, Re:Surgo, a silkscreen atelier. Stepping inside the shop was comparable to Doctor Who’s phone box, small from the exterior but rather vast in the interior with the studio being located behind the shop, out of sight. After being warmly welcomed by the owners and artist duo Christian Gfeller and Anna Hellsgård, they talked through a detailed rundown of their studio, work process and equipment.

Both artists produce posters, various amounts of quality screen printed books and limited edition prints which have been exhibited worldwide. This was proven as every bit of art work that was present in the shop was outstanding, both in choice of colour and the registration of the prints. I couldn’t help but to notice a string bound printed book that stood out in the shop. The registration of the print made the book ridiculously amazing for the amount of detail that was incorporated. One other thing about the book that amazed me was that the visuals were registered extremely carefully alongside bits of black vinyl paper that was embodied in the design.

The experience was one to be remembered for years to come. Visiting Re:Surgo greatly inspired people and influenced ideas that were lurking around for the remaining projects of their course. Having made a huge impression with their art work and hospitality, it looks as though there’s a possibility of another trip to Berlins’ memorable Re:Surgo in the coming years.

Text by Amir Gourdazi


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